Anna Lieb

"Embrace love as you walk your path of experiences, and let all else fall behind.
Be still inside your trusting heart, but flexible in your movements through the
ever changing terrain of life."
-Anna Lieb

Poet, Writer, Philosopher, Spiritual Counselor, Model, Friend.

"I am what I am - that is part of my evolution. What others perceive I am - is part of their evolution. I aim to improve and grow each moment, and unveil my inner light.

I am honest person and I believe in treating everyone with love and kindness. I don't play games, as it would be a waste of energy and time for both parties involved, although I love to play. I am free from judgment. I am a deep thinker but love to laugh and be in the moment. I am extremely loyal,easy going, positive, animal & nature lover, and a hopeful dreamer and romantic. I'm full of passion, and although I am a dreamer, I am committed to manifesting my dreams. I have seen the darker sides of life, and I know the value of the things most take for granted. I know that the grass will be greenest where I put my intention and love.

I believe love is the answer."

Anna Lieb Author: Little Book of Light